Case Study

We were asked to provide a solution for a client at a games exhibition. They had a central screen on which they wanted to show movies as intros to presentations and events, a pc with the game on,  a pc with a presentation's on, live camera and a live feed from another stand where they were playing a European finals game. This all needed to be done on the fly and very loose as the presenters wanted to adapt to the mood of the audience and they also had to work around the live feed from the other stand and of cause they wanted to be in total control.

The solution we came up with was a touch screen control and playback system. Built using Ventuz software, comprising of a touch screen on the stage and an identical one back stage, so we could also operate from there if necessary.  The screen had a controls for movie stings, a messaging system so the audience could be kept informed of up coming events and the 4 live feeds with a preview and take system so there was never anything unexpected on the main screen. There was also a relay screen from the main screen so when you were operating the control you didn't need to look over your shoulder.


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