Realtime Graphics

"Realtime * [COMPUTING] of or relating to a system in which input data is processed within milliseconds so that it is available immediately as feedback, e.g., in a computer game of a car driving simulator, smoke from the tyres is rendered on the fly and is not an overlaid video clip. It therefore responds dynamically to the users inputs."


Screen resolutions have been increasing for some years, and with the advent of HD projectors and 4K resolution becoming more widely available, agencies are having to look again at how they create, manage and deliver high resolution content for their events. Joys Production Services have been at the forefront of the latest realtime technology using cutting edge hardware and software systems delivering dynamically produced content without rendering.


There are many benefits of using a dynamic graphic design and play-out system for live events:-


  • Content can be built and modified without long wait times for rendering to finish
  • No restriction on resolution or screen aspect
  • From single to multi screen solution, still NO rendering
  • Uses your existing available assets including PNG, Photoshop, JPG, AVI, WMV, MOV files
  • Uses 3D object files for animation within virtual 3D world
  • Interactive nature of software allows multi timeline approach
  • Uses touch and gesture to drive fully interactive presentations
  • Multiple realtime live inputs including DVI & HD-SDI
  • Full output correction for projection on 3D objects & screens
  • Full projection mapping capabilities
  • Soft-edge blending, masking
  • Dynamic changes during show
  • Realtime particle system for creative backgrounds and texture effects
  • Super smooth rendering at 50/60 fps A single graphic server can deliver 6 x 4K outputs to screens


If you are still rendering content to deliver as QuickTime movies then you need to speak to Joys Production Services about their realtime solution for your next event.

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